Young Boy Young Lust. (Aldersforskel)
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After a long day of work I was tired and really only wanted to go home, but the hotel was having a party and we, all workers, were suppose to stay to do a bit of publicity looking after the guests and make sure that everybody was having a good time.

So after having a shower and changed my clothes, I must admit I looked must better than in my uniform, in a long red dress with showed off my curvy body and big boobs, light brown colour on my skin from the sun, a bit more make-up and high heels.

I joined the cocktail room for the Summer Opening Party, which were already full of people both foreigners and locals all mixed sipping cocktails enjoying the finger food talking and listening to the music in the background. And I, as the reception manager, went around said hello and small-talked to everybody while I was heading towards the bar, when I finally got there I was dying for a glass of wine.

My eyes looked up and met some lovely warm very bright-blue eyes which were looking straight at me and half smiling a little dirty boyish smile! He sent me a look of approval and I laughed back at him. I knew who he was, the son of one of our bigger well-known guests, who joined the hotel each year for a 2-3 weeks holiday with his wife son and a younger daughter, the boy could max be 20 or maybe 21 years old and therefore could be my son too.

He had always been very flirty since he was 17, he had a very lovely body big hands and yes as it looked a big dick too. He did actually look and behave as if he was much older than 20 but though he is still a boy. He use to send me kisses when passing through reception, even once flowers for my birthday and also a few times asked me for a date, to which I had said a firm No sorry far to young! Then laughed at and with him.

Now, as we stood by the bar in each end smiling and looking at each other, suddenly it was as if there was nobody else in the room, he started walking towards me with his drink in his hand and stopped very near me so I could sense his body and feel his heat, he left his drink on the bar and lifted his hand to say dancing ? ...I nodded and took his hand, knew it was wrong and could maybe lead him to think something else could or would happen but at that moment, for me it did not matter. We were just two who had met in the bar at a summer party.

On the floor, he pressed his body against mine and deliberate so I could sense his dick in his pants, he circulated his hips while we danced so I could really feel him and he looked me in the eyes. It started to turn me on a bit and my nipples came alive!

Yes I know, should have pulled away but I didn´t so I decided to play along with his game. Me at 45 being seduced by a tweenty-something old "boy". I love your dress, he whispered, it shows what a fab body you got and really turns me on, to see your nipples standing hard behind the red materiel, like ready to shoot! He laughed.

His hand had a hold on my bum and he kept pressing it, his other hand were now slightly touching my nipple circulating around it and squeezing it a bit too, it made me shake a little and a small moan left my lips. Nobody was noticing what was happening on the dance floor as everybody were busy with the own stuff but it was still very naughty.

His chin which was very close to mine and with a sudden movement his tongue licked mine, feeling that warmness and wetness from his mouth, made my legs go funny which he noticed and he grabbed hold of me more firmly in his arms. He blow a bit of warm air into my ear and whispered; are you for a walk in the garden with me ?

I should have stopped the game and laughed at him, but I couldn´t, needed to see what he could and what he was up-to. What was hiding in his trousers and if he really could do it. So before I had time to think, he took my hand and lead me towards the big sliding doors onto the terraces, we passed the pool area where a few were sipping their cocktails and talking private affairs only interrupted by a few laughs, thereafter into the big gardens. He dragged me all the way to the very end and finally stopped by a bench from where we could see the whole hotel and all its lights perfectly well but we would be out of site in the dark part of the garden.

He turned around and suddenly kissed me, he took me by surprise, his kiss was gentle warm soft and sweet from his boyish lips, yet he opened them and licked mine before he pushed his tongue into my mouth to find mine. Oh my God what a kiss, in between desire and prohibited.

I could feel the hunger as he started to kiss me more demanding, he was very turned on and as his hands grabbed my body these were very warm, he pushed himself upon me so I could feel his dick against my stomach. Now this boy definitely has a huge dick, I could feel. He took my hand, pressed it into his trousers and before I knew what was happening I had it in my hand, it was long and bigger than I thought and very heavy! Typical boy one second with them on our own and their dick is out, it reminder me of my youth and made me smile.

Ohh he whispered, this has been my dream since I was 17 and starred into my eyes. My next thought was I need to gain control of the situation. Cannot be a boy of that age pushed himself on a grown up woman like this so I replied is this want you want ? Okay but my way! So I lifted up my dress pushed my knickers to one side and said Eat me! NOW.

He smiled as his eyes went all dreaming before he felt to his knees and pressed his head between my legs. I lifted one to put a foot on the bench so he had room and the next moment I felt his tongue pushing its way to my clitoris, it felt so good so nice so naughty and completely out of hand! He was good and had tried it before, his tongue went all the right places and even licked my star until I really thought I was going to come right there in his face. I rubbed myself against him while moaning but just before I could feel it coming, I said Stop! I turned around and put my hands on the bench pushed by big bum against him and said Fuck me now!

He did not need to be told twice as he already had his big long dick out, he took it and pushed his way towards my now so wet pussy which was dying for some more action. I felt his dickhead pressing splitting my labia in two and finding its way in, with one big push he was completely in and all the way to the bottom of me. It was fantastic to fell his pounding dick in me, fell him rubbing my g-spot when he moved backwards and forward while he was groaning loudly, with one hand grabbing my big boob which are moving heavily under my dress about to jump out of my bra and the other holding on to my hip.

He moved very quickly strongly pressing his big dick all the way to the bottom each time and within 5 minutes, I could feel he was about to explode as I touched his balls with my hand and squeezed them, he started to shot his warm sperm right up into me, the pounding the movements and his way of pinching my nipple was far to much for me and I could feel that a fantastic big orgasm was waving in over me so big and so powerful I almost collapsed on the bench, while I could still feel him inside and hear him gasping after air.

We were hot sweaty and satisfied as we sat down on the bench while he put his dick back into his trousers and I put my dress down, he lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it, looked me in the eyes and blinked his as to say Thank you, for letting my dream come true!

I lent over to kiss his lips just touched them slightly before demanding asking for a real long naughty French kiss with our tongues playing together for a long time. He signed in my mouth and said please lets do it again. Lets meet somewhere you me and sex for the rest of the night in a big bed with wine nude and enjoy each other. I put my finger on his mouth as to say Schhhh...Lets see what the night brings but as I stood up, I could feel his sperm was running out of me into my knickers making them wet and a bit down my legs mixed with my own juices. I took hold of his hand sliding it up between my legs so he could fell it and said laughing Come on We better find a shower!!

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