Emily (Bondage)
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Emily sat on the stone bench looking at the letter she had just received. Her grief was overwhelming, leaving her feeling numb. It was as though her world had ended, that she had died with her lover. How would she find such a man as he was? She was so sure that no one else existed that could understand her desires, her passions the way Michael had. She held the letter to her breast as a fresh flood of tears washed over her cheeks. "MICHAEL" she cried out, the sound of his name torn from her very soul as she collapsed and tumbled from the seat onto the finely manicured grass.

She could hear the strains of the Strauss waltz in the background as she stood chatting with the other single young women. Emily was distracted by the sight of the tall handsome man heading in their direction. She thought he looked familiar but she just couldn't place him. He looked stunning in his military uniform, his white hair and goatee, but what held her attention most were his piercing eyes. She felt as though she couldn't breathe for a moment. There was dead silence among the ladies as he approached. All were hoping he was coming for them. Emily didn't think for a moment that he was here to speak with her. She thought of herself as being "different", a little too tall, her legs too long, her breasts too large, her bottom a little too full. She bowed her head as he approached not daring to hope he was coming for her. Suddenly, she felt the heat of his body so close she dared not look up. There was a hand reaching down to touch hers and his strong, genteel voice asking "Emily, would you care to dance with me?" She nodded yes, not trusting her voice.

As his arms went around her and they started dancing she could barely breathe. Her corset was digging into her and her brocade gown suddenly felt too tight. How she wished she didn't have to dress like this. She longed for the days when she was a child and was more carefree. She was lost in those thoughts when he asked her if she remembered him. "No Sir, I'm sorry but I don't. You look vaguely familiar but I can't seem to place where I've seen you." He laughed, a strong hearty laugh that made her blush. Her face felt as though it was on fire as this man looked down at her with those piercing eyes. "I am an old friend of your brother, William" he said. "We went through military training together and I came to your house at the holidays one year. I believe you were perhaps ten years old at the time but you were such a beautiful girl that I promised I'd come back for you when you had grown up." She lowered her head and blushed again. She couldn't understand the effect this man was having on her but she enjoyed the attention. He lifted her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. He could feel her trembling as he did. "Emily, I came back for you as I knew I would all those years ago. I intend to have you and to make you mine. Do you understand?" She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. He asked her again, more forcefully this time "Do you understand, Emily?"
"Yes Sir" she replied breathlessly.

Once the music stopped he escorted her outside. The night was clear and cool with the sky full of stars. He pulled her close to him and felt her melt into him. His lips brushed against her cheek and he playfully whispered in her ear "One day, Emily, I'm going to tie you up and spank your lovely bottom." He heard her gasp and wasn't surprised by her reaction. What did surprise him is that she leaned closer to him rather than pull away. He was very pleased with this reaction. He kissed her then, tentatively at first thinking this might be her first kiss, but his desire was strong and as it grew the kiss became more intimate. He probed her mouth with his tongue and could hear her sigh. That sigh, such a small sound, made him ache with desire and he grew hard as the kiss deepened. He knew there was something about this woman that he had not seen in the others he had courted. When he wanted to explore his darker side he always had to pay for the pleasure and even then it was not satisfying. He wanted a woman who would submit herself willingly.
He wanted someone to obey his every command and to do so with love and devotion. There was some quality about Emily that told him she would be the one to give that to him. Even now he could see there were deep desires hiding under the surface of her fa?ade.

He escorted her back into the ballroom and to her friends who were still chatting and giggling. He bowed, kissed her hand and thanked her for the dance. "May I call on you tomorrow Emily?" he asked. "Yes, Sir" she replied shyly. He was gone before she knew it and she realized she didn't even know his name. When he was gone the other young ladies demanded all the details but all she would share with them was the dance and a select few details of what happened on the terrace. For the rest of the evening she kept watching for him but did not see him again before it was time for her to leave. She was exceptionally quiet on the way home despite her Mother and Father asking her questions about her first ball. Finally, she asked them about the man and if they recalled him. "Indeed" her Father said. "He was a friend of William's and a true gentleman." When she told them he wanted to call on her the next day both her Mother and Father were delighted. She had to wonder how they would feel were she to tell him what he said about spanking her lovely bottom!

She had trouble sleeping that night, she tossed and turned and dreamt of his kiss and his hands on her body. She had never been with a man but the thought of him touching her filled her with desire in her dreams and made her feel like she was on fire. She woke in a cold sweat, her nightdress drenched and a stickiness between her legs that couldn't be denied. She reached down and began to rub herself despite her shame at doing such a thing. She knew this was not something nice young ladies did but the need was too great and as she recalled his words and the kiss she exploded into an orgasm. She fell into a deep sleep after but again dreamt of this man spanking her bare bottom. The thought both excited and terrified her.

The next day she waited anxiously for him to arrive. She paced in the garden along the patterned paths and thought how rigid things were. She longed to run through the woods and be freed of the moral binds that tied her to this Victorian society. She sat on the cement bench daydreaming when she suddenly felt his presence. She looked up and there he stood. He took her breath away with his handsomeness. He came and sat beside her taking her hand in his. He bent to kiss her and she flung herself into his arms. His hand rested on her thigh as he kissed her. Before she realized what was happening, he had her over his lap and her dress tossed over her head. She felt the first sting of his hand against her bottom and was shocked and delighted. She pushed her bottom higher awaiting the next slap of his hand and was not disappointed. He kept spanking her until her bottom was hot and sore.
Even through her bloomers his hand hurt deliciously. She could feel that dampness between her legs again and was embarrassed. Without even knowing what was happening her bloomers were being pulled down and his hand was between her thighs. She gasped as he found that spot she had been rubbing in the middle of the night. He began to rub as she did and his other hand began unbuttoning the bodice of her dress until he was able to slip his hand in and cup her breast. He knew from the sound of her breathing that she was close to a climax. He slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and began to fuck her sending her over the edge of her orgasm. He could feel the muscles contract around his fingers as she came and pulled his wet fingers out quickly slipping one into her tight little asshole. She cried out and clenched her cheeks. He pinched her nipple hard and felt her begin to push back onto his finger wanting him to fuck her. He didn't disappoint her and before long she was riding the wave of another powerful orgasm. She was shaken and spent when he pulled out of her and pulled her bloomers up.

She was finally put back into place when he ordered her to kneel at his feet. Emily would do anything this man asked her and she responded "Yes, Sir" as she knelt before him. His hand reached out and grabbed her hair pulling her head down to his crotch. He pressed her face against him letting her feel the heat and the hardness. "What do you want Emily?" "Oh Sir, I want you, I want to make you happy, I want to give you what ever you want, Sir." "Anything?" "Yes, Sir, anything." He opened his fly and took his hard cock out for her to see. She was amazed at the size and wanted to reach out and touch him. She was fascinated by this throbbing appendage and had an overwhelming desire to kiss it. As if reading her mind he brought her head down over him and she instinctively opened her mouth and took him into her. She gagged and wasn't quite sure what to do now that he was in her mouth but he began moving her head up and down over his swollen member. She followed his lead and began the motion on her own. He tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before but she enjoyed the taste and the feel of his hardness. When he began to cum she was startled and tried to pull away but his hand held her in place and he filled her mouth with his hot gooey cum ordering her to swallow. She did as he told her not wanting to disappoint or disobey. When it was over, he sat quietly on the bench with her at his feet and told her that it was his intention to marry her. She would be his slave he told her. She would obey his every command and he would take care of her every need. She simply nodded knowing this was true.

The gardener is startled to find Miss Emily laying on the ground beside the bench. It is a warm day and he is afraid she has fainted from the heat. He lifts her from the ground and as he does the letter falls from her hand. He opens it and reads "We regret to inform you that Colonel Michael Strictland was killed in action..." He understands now what has caused her to faint. He carries her to the house where he is met by the butler and maid and they carry her to her room. She is mumbling something they can't comprehend but can hear her calling her lover "Michael, oh Michael." Once settled in the bed her maid puts a cold cloth to her feverish head. The Dr. is sent for and all there is left to do is wait.
As she lays in the soft bed she drifts to another time. It is the night they announced their engagement. There is a huge party with over 200 guests. The band is playing and Emily and Michael greet guest after guest. Finally, there is a free moment when Emily excuses herself. She rushes to her bedroom, which is at the end of a corridor far from the bedroom of her parents. She kneels on the side of the bed and waits for Michael as he has instructed her to do. Her dress is up over her waist and her petticoat is down around her knees. When she hears the door open she's tempted to turn and look to make sure it's him. What will she do if it is someone else? But as she listens to the footsteps she knows it is he, her Master, her lover. She's already excited at the thought of what will happen and she feels that familiar dampness between her thighs. God how she hopes he will put out the fire that burns in her soul. He picks up the paddle from the bed and examines it.
It is a beautiful cherry wood with hand carving. He had picked it up in his travels in the Orient and it was a very beautiful, very effective instrument. How appropriate that he will paddle his slave's bottom on the night they are officially announcing their engagement to the world. He draws his arm back and the paddle lands with great force. She almost loses her position but manages to hold it. The blood rushes to her buttocks and turns her red instantly. She lets out a strangled cry not wanting anyone to hear and come running. She also wants him to be proud of her. He lifts the paddle again and again until she feels like she is on fire. Not only is her bottom hot but the heat between her legs is unbearable. Michael takes his hard throbbing dick out and rams it into his slave. He fucks her hard making her beg for release. He allows her to cum quickly, after all, they mustn't keep their guests waiting.

That night he tells her he has a surprise in store for her, one she will enjoy. She's curious and waits for him in her bed. When he comes he is not alone. She is confused and hurt but wishes only to obey him and make him happy. The person with him is another guest, an older woman who is admired for her beauty. Michael assures Emily that all will be well as he ties her to the bedposts. Her arms are tied but her legs free. He pulls her legs up and begins spanking her already well spanked bottom. As he does he can see she's growing wet again. The woman is pinching her nipples and kissing her. Emily can't believe the excitement she feels and is moaning with desire. After Michael finishes spanking her he hands the paddle to the woman and tells her his slave would like 50 more licks with the paddle. The woman picks up the paddle and begins spanking Emily with great relish. Once finished with the spanking Michael tells the woman he'd like to see her lick his slave's pussy. "I thought you'd never ask" she laughs. "What a lovely slave you have Michael" she purrs. Her head is between Emily's thighs and her tongue is pressing against her clit working it's way in little circles.
Emily is moaning and straining against the ropes around her wrists. The woman inserts a finger into Emily's asshole and Emily lifts her hips as she moans. "What a prize she is Michael" She comments. Michael kneels beside Emily sucking on her tits and as her excitement builds he whispers in her ear to cum for her Master. She screams out his name as she does. The woman keeps licking and Michael takes his hard dick out for Emily to suck. She takes it greedily in her mouth and sucks him till she tastes his hot cum sliding down her throat. Once he cums he tells his slave that she must thank the lady for her services. Emily looks at her Master confused. He smiles at her and it dawns on her what he desires. She closes her eyes and begins to protest but holds her tongue. "Yes Sir" is all she says. The woman straddles Emily's face and begins to grind her cunt over Emily's face. Oddly enough Emily finds the scent of this woman very enticing and begins to lick her as the woman did for her. Michael watches and pinches the nipple of the woman while at the same time his fingers slip into the slick cunt of his slave. He watches both women carefully for their responses until he knows they are close to an orgasm. When the woman begins her climax Michael orders his slave to cum. She obeys and both woman cry out with pleasure. The woman leaves and Michael curls up pulling his slave close to him as they fall asleep. Emily can't wait for the day they can sleep together every night. As she falls asleep she sighs contentedly.

The Dr. enters the room and examines Emily. He reads the letter that she had been holding. He paces the room wondering if there is something wrong other than having been overcome with grief. He hears her begin to stir and uses smelling salts to bring her around. When she wakes and sees him she realizes that it is not all a dream and begins to sob uncontrollably. She rocks herself back and forth on the bed, this bed she had found freedom in with Michael. How can she go on without him she cries out. Her grief is inconsolable and finally the Doctor speaks harshly to her. "Emily, if you do not get hold of yourself I'll have to take you over my knee and spank you!" Startled she looks up at him wondering what he knows. He comes over, helps her to lie down again and pats her bottom as he tells her to rest before he leaves the room.

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