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Two families (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

Udskriv denne historie

Historie id: 1039
Udgivet: 08-01-2007
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Sally was a cute kid with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. It tickled John to see her push out her almost flat chest to show that she was wearing a training bra. His own girls had started their menses last year and gone through the same stage.

Sally had the same outgoing personality as David. As soon as the trip was under way she grinned at him and told him that she was glad he was marrying her mother. Her mother was lonely and he was the nicest man she'd ever dated. Then she'd gotten to her knees and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Her chest wasn't as flat as he'd thought. He felt her hard nipples pressing against his arm as she kissed him. He could just see David using the same approach with Alice and sneaking a feel of her tits as he did.

Hard nipples! Was he turning this kid on. She was only twelve years old, the same age as David, and she was going to be his daughter. This was going to be another delicate situation and he didn't have a gynecologist to turn to this time. He would just have to cope with the problem for the four days it would take for the trip. He had another problem too. His prick had sprung to


He certainly couldn't have the hots for a twelve year old kid. It was just that he hadn't had any sex since shortly after he'd met Alice. Pickups werent his style at all and he really wasnt interested in casual sex. He'd been interested in Alice since that first meeting. He found that he was blushing when he caught Sally gazing at the bulge in his pants.

Sally knew what bulge in John's pants was. She'd felt that bulge in her brothers' and David's pants. Now John had a hard prick. That was interesting.

Was it in response to the tingle that she'd felt when her tits had rubbed against his arm. Her nipples had gotten hard like they did when she rubbed them at night or when she rubbed them up against the boys.

Her nipples always got hard when she felt the boys' pricks while they were wrestling. She had a strong urge to reach over and feel John's hard prick.

She blushed and felt her cunt get wet like it did when she thought about the boys' pricks.

John caught the blush. He didn't know what this little nymphet was thinking but he had a general idea. He realized that she was just a healthy pubescent kid with a very strong interest in sex. Her glands were probably driving her up a wall but she was much too young to experiment. Some lucky boy, possibly David, would get her maidenhead in a few years. He was envious and his prick refused to go down.

They stopped for lunch and John jerked off in the men's room visualizing Sally's pubescent cunt. Just as his son was doing at about the same time he pumped his hand up and down on his prick, felt his prick throb and pointed it down to the bowl to let his cum shoot out. A trip across the country with Sally was not going to be easy.

Sally was performing the same rite in the ladies room. She'd spied on her brothers a few times when they weren't to careful about closing the bathroom door and there was that time with David, but she wondered what an adult prick would look like.

She imagined how big John's prick must be and pushed a finger in and out of her cunt until she had an orgasm. From that bulge in his pants it must be a lot bigger than her brothers pricks were. Sitting next to John all day was more difficult than being with the boys. It kept her cunt wetter. She had put on a minipad on her first visit to the ladies room so she wouldnt spot her shorts.

She was glad she'd brought some along even though she wasnt expecting her period.

The conversation was lively. Sally kept up her end of the dialogue so well that John felt they could get in another hundred miles or so after supper. He wasn't as road weary as he would have been if he were driving by himself.

When they finally decided to call it a day, it was almost another hour before the found a motel with an lit 'vacancy' sign.

John pulled in and ran into a snag. There was only one cabin left. The owner looked at Sally and said that they were lucky it was one of the rooms with twin beds so that John wouldn't have to sleep with his daughter. They'd passed a lot of 'full' signs, and John didn't think he could find one with two rooms, he looked at Sally. She blushed but shook her head. Wow! Maybe she could get to see exactly how big John's prick was. He signed them in for the night.

They went to the cabin and John told Sally to take her things into the bathroom to change, he would use it after she was finished. John did a double take when she came out in a baby dolls that were cute but very revealing. He could see right through the material. His prick immediately surged to another erection as he hurriedly turned his eyes away.

He took his turn in the bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief when he found her under the covers when he came out. He wasnt sure he could take any more of those baby dolls. Sally lay very still. Her cunt was sopping wet, she wasn't used to being in a bedroom with a male. She reached down and ran her fingers along the lips. She couldn't move too much or John would hear the motion and wonder what she was doing. She wondered if his prick would get hard if she rubbed up against it like she did with the boys. She sure would like to try.

John heard a noise from the next bed. It sounded like Sally was crying. He listened for a while, it sounded if her heart was breaking. What could be the matter. He had two daughters of his own and he knew that they sometimes had emotional problems that passed very quickly, but that didn't mean that they weren't very serious to the girls at the time.

"Is something the matter, Sally?"

"Uh, no."

He could barely hear her response.

"Then why are you crying?"

"I've never slept away from my mother and brothers before. I'm lonely. I miss them. I shouldn't be so homesick so quick, but I am."

Sally got out of bed and sat on the edge of his bed. The best treatment for this was some tender loving care. He sat up, held her to him, and rocked her gently in his arms. Her sobs subsided and she threw her arms around him and kissed him. She loved him. She was glad he was going to marry her mother.

He was the best father she could ever have. She was so lonely. Could she sleep with him?

John had no idea how contrived this whole scene had been. Once Sally decided she wanted to feel his prick she had figured a way to do it. The female of the species had generations of instinct to fall back on. One of the most deeply imbedded instincts was how to trap the man they wanted.

Sally had learned that she could get anything from her brothers by crying although she didn't often use the tactic. It worked better if she used it sparingly. To her, John was just another male. If it worked with her brothers it would work with him.

It worked just as well with John as it did with her brothers. He lay down beside her and held her and Sally achieved her objective, his prick got hard.

He blushed with embarrassment. It was pressing against Sally's thigh. He tried to move but Sally snuggled in closer to him. Everything was working out perfectly.

She was in bed with John and she could feel his hard prick against her thigh.

It was way bigger than David's or her bothers'. Her panties were wet in the crotch, but that was all right, John felt real good. She wanted something more but she wasn't sure exactly what it was that she wanted.

John knew exactly what she wanted when she turned toward him and he felt the wet crotch of her baby doll panties. He should have better control of things but he was totally at loss for what to do. He reached around and without thinking patted her rear end as he'd done to his daughters years before.

This was the wrong thing to do. He smelled the strong odor of desire rising from her cunt. He felt her rub her cunt against his hip. He lost control.

His hand cupped her bottom and his finger rubbed at her excited cunt through her panties. Sally was shocked but this was what she wanted. She wiggled her cunt against his finger. He kiss her and probed with his tongue. She opened her mouth and rubbed her tongue against his.

Her hips started to jerk so that her cunt ran back and forth along his finger.

There was one thing he could do for this excited little nymphet that he knew wouldn't hurt her physically and hoped wouldnt have any lasting psychological effects. He moved down along her body, pulled down her panties, and licked at her virgin cunt.

Sally gasped and lifted her cunt up to his mouth.

"Oh, I've heard of that. Lick my cunt, John, lick it. Make me come!"

John pushed his tongue into the tight entrance of her virgin cunt and felt her maidenhead. He licked it and sucked on her just developing clit. Sally's ass was bouncing up off the bed. She'd never felt anything like this. She was having orgasm after orgasm. She'd never been able to make herself come this many times by rubbing between her legs. She moaned and tossed her head from side to side. John lapped her cunt and sucked her clit until her body relaxed and her hips fell back onto the bed.

"Ohhh, nothing ever felt that good before. I love you!"

He was horrified at what he had done, but he hadn't been able to help himself.

At least he hadn't raped her. He couldn't live with himself if he'd done that.

He moved beside her and held her too him while she regained her breath.

"I love you too, but I shouldn't have done that."

Sally's tongue probed at his lips. John kissed back. She reached inside his pajamas and grabbed rampant eight inch prick. John tried to pull away. Sally wouldn't let him.

"I want you to put it in me. That's what you're supposed to do isn't it?"

"Sally, I'm not even supposed to touch a twelve year old. Go back to bed and pretend nothing ever happened. You'll never forget but, if anybody ever finds out I could go to jail and I would eserve it."

"John, I won't let go of your prick. I like the feel. I want it inside me. If you don't do it to me, I'll wait till I get home and get one of the boys do it. I know I can make one of them do it, but I want it to be you."

John released Sally and moved away. What was he going to do to this insistent twelve year old.

"My prick's too big. It'll hurt you. Wait another four or five years until your more fully matured. Then find yourself a nice boy to take your maidenhead."

"Your prick can't be too big. A baby can come out of a cunt and your pick isn't as big as a baby. I'll make it fit in."

Sally held his prick, moved her body over his, positioned his prick in her cunt and sat down hard. John was caught unawares. He didn't expect Sally to act this fast. He felt his prick meet her maidenhead and tear right through. He looked down and six of his eight inches were buried in an almost hairless cunt. He was still conscience stricken but his hard prick didn't have the same conscience. His hips pushed up off the bed and another inch of prick disappeared. Sally took a deep breath.

"Ohhh! That did hurt, but it feels good now. Wait a minute. Let me catch my breath."

Sally stopped moving and rested her head against his chest. In less than a minute she slowly raised her hips then lowered them again. Still afraid of hurting her, John let her supply all the initiative. The feel of her tight cunt on his prick was exquisite. Sally's hips started a rhythmic up and down motion.

John didn't want to come before Sally had her orgasms. A girl should never be left hanging on her first fuck. He had to bring her off first. John needn't have worried. Sally's orgasms started a full minute before his cum gushed out and flooded Sally's cunt.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! I'm coming again. I'm coming with your prick in my cunt. It all feels so good. Oooo!"

Again Sally lay her head against his chest. She was gasping for breath. John was breathing a little heavily himself.

"Oh, John, it felt so good. I'm glad I did this with a man instead of a boy. A boy couldn't have done it nearly so good, and I'm sure a boy wouldn't have licked my cunt first. Can I look at your prick? I've never seen one up close."

The damage was done. There wasn't a reason in the world Sally shouldn't explore his body to her heart's content. John pulled her face to his, her cunt releasing his limp prick in the process, and kissed her again. It was his turn to take a deep breath again.

"I still wish this hadn't happened, even if it was one of the best fucks of my life. Go ahead, explore, there doesn't seem to be any way I can keep you from doing whatever you want."

Sally turned on the lamp and scooted down to the foot of the bed. She examined the instrument that she'd been trying to feel on her brothers and David. The ones she'd felt before were smaller. She rubbed some cum and cunt juice over the head of his prick. She cupped his balls in her and, one at a time. Each one filled her hand.

John had licked her cunt. That was called cunt lapping. The Smiley girls had told her about that. They'd told her about cock sucking too, although she didn't believed that anyone ever really did it any more than she believed anyone lapped cunt. She licked the head of John's prick and liked the taste and feel. She wrapped her lips around the head and sucked.

"Don't do that, Sally, You'll make me cum in your mouth and you might not like that."

Sally held on to the stem of his prick but released the head from her lips.

"I want to make you come in my mouth. You made me come in yours."

She dove back down and sucked the head of his prick into her mouth again.

John couldnt see any way of backing out even though his conscience still bothered him. He relaxed to enjoy it. Sally didn't let him relax very long.

Her head bobbed on his now hard prick and his hips responded. They bounced up off the bed each time her head pushed down. At the top of his stroke his prick was lodged in Sally's throat. She started to gag and overcame the reflex by swallowing. Johns hips jerked and Sally knew he liked that.

Each time John's prick entered her throat, she swallowed again. John didn't last much longer than the adolescent he didn't want to emulate. He felt the cum rising in his balls.

This was exciting. Sally had orgasms herself just from sucking on this big cock. She could suck cock all day. But John couldn't have his cock sucked all day. Jets of cum spurted into Sally's mouth. It caught her by surprise but she managed to swallow before it all leaked out. She kept swallowing as jet after jet then dribble after dribble came out of John's prick. She liked the


Sally kept sucking as John's prick got limp. He pulled her head off his prick and pulled her back up to hug and kiss her some more. He didn't know how all this would come out. He might have queered his marriage to Alice. She would have him thrown in jail if she ever found out. He might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Sally had given him one of the best blow jobs he'd ever had. He would give her a trip around the world to really make her feel good.

John laid Sally on her back and kissed proceeded with the French kisses.

When he probed her mouth with his tongue and Sally responded by rubbing his tongue with hers. His prick brushed against her legs and that felt good too. John kissed around to Sally's ear and pushed his tongue inside. Sally's hips jumped off the bed and she got goose flesh. When John nibbled at her neck she got more goose flesh.

Sally didn't know what was going on but it felt good. John gave some attention to Sally's budding breasts. He sucked gently on each of the nipples and licked them till they hardened. Sally felt her cunt contract each time he sucked. He worked his way down to her navel and probed. Sally jumped again, she had so many sensitive spots. Things that had nothing to do with it made her cunt feel good.

Sally felt John's prick tickle its way down her legs as he moved his body down and worked his tongue down across her lower belly. By the time he approached her cunt she was so hot she had her hips up off the bed, begging John to get down to business and lap it. It looked appetizing to John, he wanted lap her cunt then and there, but he knew the pleasure a whole trip around the world could bring and declined the invitation. He gave it a few licks in passing to gather the excess cunt juice, and continued his way down her legs.

John licked the soles of her feet. Sally giggled and wiggled and wondered why it felt so good when he sucked her toes. Sally didn't want this to end but she wished that he would get to her cunt. John turned her on her stomach and licked up the back of her legs. When he licked the backs of her knees Sally jumped again then wiggled as he lapped the inside of her thighs. Sally was shocked when John licked her ass crack.

She knew she was sensitive there. She sometimes rubbed her asshole with her other hand when she played with her cunt, but how could anyone put their mouth there. When she felt John probe her pucker with his tongue she almost jumped off the bed again. She felt he had to do this for John sometime but didn't know if she could make herself do it.

Sally's cunt was soaking wet when John turned her over. He ran his tongue gently along the length of her outer lips to gather in all the excess moisture.

John breathed in deeply to get the full odor and flavor of this hot little cunt.

John looked at it for a second. It was immature and barely had some fine fuzz around it, but it was the most wildly exciting cunt he had ever seen.

Sally's hips came off the bed, again begging him to work her cunt over with his educated tongue. At the moment there was nothing that he wanted to do more. He inserted his tongue between the inner lips and this time got past her maidenhead. He massaged her immature clit with the tip of his tongue. He sucked that clit into his mouth and applied a stronger massage with his hardened tongue then his tongue slid back into that tight slit and he felt it convulsing. He massaged her asshole with a moistened finger while he returned to the full tongue swipe between the outer lips.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming! You're making me come with your tongue again.

It feels so good! I love you John!"

John didn't let up. He kept lapping until Sally's hips collapsed onto the bed.

Only then did her gather her in his arms again and hug and kiss her some more. Sally sighed contentedly, then cocked her head a John again.



"That was neat! Does it have a name, everything you did to me that time?"

"Several, it's sometimes called a tongue bath, but more often it's called a trip around the world."

"Gee, I have to try that on you sometimes. Do you think I can make you jump and wiggle the way I did when you were doing it to me? I'd like to make you jump and wiggle like that."

"Sally, I'm sure I will, but right now I think we both need a rest."

Sally cuddled into his arms, rubbed her cheek against his and fell asleep in his arms.

He woke up the next morning and Sally was sitting cross legged on the bed contemplating him. She hadn't bothered to put her baby dolls back on. Her nude pose would have delighted a sculptor. She watched his limp prick rise as he caught sight of her pubescent cunt and budding breasts. She had a very serious expression on her face.

"John, it felt real good last night when you licked my ass. Does that feel as good for a man as it does for a girl?"

"Yes, it does, but don't think you have to do it just because I did it for you.

Remember all sex is supposed to be fun, you may want to try something you're dubious about, but never do anything that's distasteful to you."

"Can you do other things to a girls ass that feel good too."

"Many girls like to have their ass fucked."

"Oh, will you fuck my ass?"

"No, I will not. Your maidenhead is meant to be torn and it heals quickly. If I were to fuck your ass I might do permanent damage. You'll just have to wait till you find a boy with a prick that's more your size or until you're fully grown and can take a full sized prick up your ass."

Sally digested this, then cocked her head at John the way David did when he was going to spring something on him. He would have to be careful.

"John, if my mother finds out about this she may never marry you."

"I know that. That's one of the reasons I tried to stop it from happening."

"I wouldn't let you stop, John. It wasn't really your fault."

"I'm the adult. I should have stopped it."

"Oh, pooh! You couldn't have stopped me."

Sally looked some more, then cocked her head again and gave him one of David's grins.

"I'll never tell. Mom never has to know. If I can have you for myself all the way to the west coast and all the way back we can do like we did last night.

Then, like you said last night, we can pretend it never happened."

Sally was satisfied. She grinned at John again, leaned over, and sucked his cock into her mouth.

John and Sally slept together for the rest of the trip and on the trip back. As with David ands Alice, sleeping wasn't the only thing they did, and their other activities wher much more interesting.

John was a good teacher and Sally was an apt student, she learned quite a bit on those eight days. The only thing that really bothered her was she couldn't get herself to lick John's ass. It felt so good when he licked hers.

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