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Two families (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

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Historie id: 1037
Udgivet: 06-01-2007
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David had always been part of a group of kids to Alice. He had a winning grin, a freckled face, and enough charm to get his way more than he should.

His voice broke every now and then just to prove he was growing up. She'd never paid special attention to him, but he appealed to her and she'd always wanted to mother him even though he appeared quite self contained and independent. She knew his sisters better because they sometimes came to her when they had female problems.

Alice felt this was a good time to get to know David better. She realized she had underestimated his charm when he turned it on without even trying, and swept her right off her feet. As soon as he was alone with her he'd looked at her, cocked his head to the side, and given her his best grin. His eyes twinkled and a slight gap showed where he was just growing a new molar.

"I'm glad you and dad are getting married. He's been alone too long and you're a lot nicer than any other woman he ever dated. The girls and I like you a lot. We think you're pretty too and we're glad you're going to be our mother."

He threw his arms around her, turned his face up, and puckered his lips for a chaste kiss. He was perfectly adorable and his approach was irresistible.

Alice leaned down, hugged him, and kissed him on the lips. Alice felt a hard adolescent prick pressed against her thigh. Was this little imp hot for her?

David was mortified. He pulled away and blushed so red that his complexion matched his hair.

Alice was astonished when her cunt responded to Davids young erection being pressed against her. The crotch of her panties got soaking wet. How in the world could she get turned on by a twelve year old who hadn't grown all his teeth yet, no matter how attractive he was. Alice wasn't a prude and wasn't horrified at her reaction. She had to laugh at herself and she rationalized that she had been without sex too long.

Next month things would be better. She would have to cool it till then. She knew that twelve year old David, he wasnt going to attempt to seduce her, but it was going to be difficult controlling a thirty five year old Alice who wanted a hard prick in her cunt.

Alice pretended she hadn't felt David's boner pressed up against her and that she hadn't noticed his confusion when it happened. She didn't want to upset the boy and he was obviously embarrassed.

Alice was home all day right now because she had taken two months off from her job to get things set up as she liked them and to have time for John after they were married. She prepared lunch and David got over his embarrassment. He kept up a constant stream of chatter and would cock his

head to one side and grin at her when he thought he'd made a clever remark.

He was a perfectly delightful child. But he was a child, why did her panty crotch keep getting wet?

That afternoon she decided shed take a nap. She was just too horny to take David's presence. She was sure he would smell the strong scent of desire her cunt was giving off. He might not know what he was smelling but it would have an effect on his adolescent libido. She had to do something about her sopping wet cunt.

Alice stripped to the buff and proceeded to satisfy herself the only way she'd been able to for too long a time. She ran her finger inside her cunt lips and rubbed on her clit. It responded by erecting and she gently massaged it.

Then she pushed three fingers of her other hand into her cunt. She worked the fingers in and out in a steady rhythm. She wiggled her hips and sighed in contentment.

She smeared more cunt juice on her clit and rubbed harder. Her fingers speeded up and flashed in and out of her cunt. Her hips lifted off the bed as she approached her climax. She whimpered and tossed her head from side to side as her cunt contracted around her fingers. Her orgasms subsided and her body relaxed. She felt better and laughed at herself again. What would David think if he could see what she'd just been doing?

David! David and that hard prick that had been pressed up against her. It felt larger than it should have been on a twelve year old. Well maybe he just developed early. His voice was cracking and that went with the development of A boys genitals. She wondered how many times a day he jerked off.

Then she wondered why it was any concern of hers how often he jerked off.

That was his business not hers. Alice finger fucked herself again and she fantasized David masturbating in front of her and his cum spurting onto her body.

At this point David had his own problem, he had a perpetually hard prick. It had been a surprise to him when he'd sprung that hard on kissing Alice. He just liked her and he wanted to kiss her. She was going to be his mother and in his social experience it was permissible for a twelve year old boy to kiss his mother.

As soon as he felt her big tits pressed against his chest and her mouth on his lips, his prick had jumped to attention. This had happened to him when he'd been wrestling with his sisters and with Sally, none of the girls seemed to pay much attention when it happened even though it embarrassed him. If his prick stayed hard after a wrestling match it was a good excuse to the bathroom and jerk off.

He hoped Alice hadn't noticed his hard on or seen him blush, but he didn't see how that could be. Maybe she was just being nice and she was pretending she didn't notice. That was probably what the girls did when his prick got hard and rubbed against them. That must be what Alice was doing. She was a real nice person. After that every time he looked at her his prick got hard.

He went to the bathroom and jerked off.

This wasn't right. This was the woman that was going to marry his father.

She was going to be his mother, by golly. A boy didn't get a hard on thinking about his mother. That was nasty. The worst insult at school was to call a boy a mother fucker, and this is what he was thinking about while he pumped his hand on his prick and squirted his cum into the toilet.

Nasty or not, every time he saw her walk past with her tits standing out and her hips swaying, his prick got hard. He could feel the crotch of his jockey shorts get damp with the drops of pre cum that seeped out of his prick. He had to do something about that. He went to the bathroom and struggled getting his pants and jockey shorts down because of the cast on his wrist. He sat on the toilet, spit on his hand, closed his eyes, and pumped on his hard prick.

His prick had started to grow about nine months earlier, about the time he had that funny dream. He knew it wasn't full grown yet but it was much bigger than it had been. It was three and a half inches long the last time he and the twin boys had measured it hard. Alex and Andrew had bigger pricks than his.

They compared pricks when they went to piss together every now and then.

Theirs were about an inch longer than his.

They told him that they jerked off too. He knew he wasn't the only one that did it, but he thought that he did it to much. He promised himself that he wouldn't do it more than once a day from now on. He made that promise every day even though he knew he wouldn't keep it. He always thought that this time he would be able to control his impulses.

He held his hand loose so that he was only rubbing the edge around the head.

This always felt real good. He imagined himself pressed against Alice's breasts. That made it feel even better. He squeezed tighter and pumped faster. He felt the cum rising in his cock and pointed his prick down. He opened his eyes and watch as four spurts of cum jetted into the toilet bowl then some more cum seeped out of his prick and dripped down into the water.

He milked the rest of the cum out of his prick and felt a lot better.

The one jerk off held him till lunch, then sitting so close to Alice, he smelled her body and got an instant hard on. He had no way of knowing that it was her sex odors that were getting to him. He couldn't even imagine that she was interested in him. He was only a kid. She had his father interested in her.

Why in the world would she ever pay any attention to him?

When Alice said she was going to take a nap David headed back to the bathroom. His prick sure was ready. Pulling his jockey shorts down over his hard prick was awkward with only one hand but he managed it again. He spit on his hand, leaned back, closed his eyes, and gently pumped his hand up and down his prick. As always it felt neat.

He tried to imagine what those big tits looked and felt like if Ms. Stadler hadnt been wearing clothes. With no experience to guide him and found he couldn't but this didn't stop his hand from pumping. He imagined it was Alice's hand massaging his prick. He could almost smell that earthy odor that he'd smelled at lunch. He pointed his prick down and watched the spurts and drips of cum hit the water in the bowl.

He sighed with the release of tension. Living in the same house for three weeks alone with Alice was going to be tough on him. He'd never be able to hold himself to one jerk off a day. He'd go to one a day after his father got back.

Their dinner went pretty much as lunch had. Bed time came and much to David's embarrassment, he had to ask Alice to help him get his shirt and undershirt off over his cast. While she was helping him his free arm accidentally rubbed against one of those tits that fascinated him so much.

Alice paid no attention and not so accidentally he managed to rub it again.

Alice knew what was going on. She saw the front of his pants push out the first time and knew that the second time was contrived. He was a pubescent kid and he was probably more horny than she was. She couldn't blame him for trying to cop a couple of feels.

Alice felt a twinge in her cunt just feeling that smooth young skin while she was helping him off with his shirts. The accidental tit brush felt good. The one on purpose had her cunt flowing. She felt she was on the point of raping this twelve year old and that would never do. She had to admit that he was an awfully attractive kid. Sex aside, the more time she spent with David, the

better she liked him.

Alice had saved an old plastic mouthwash bottle that was almost cylindrical.

It was ten inches high and an inch in diameter. It was her tool of last resort when she reached the ultimate in frustration, she would spread it with KY jelly and pump it in and out of her cunt pretending it was a mans prick. That night she took it to bed with her. She used it three times before she could fall asleep.

David was in no better condition. He hoped Alice hadn't noticed his hard on.

Her tit sure did feel good. He would try to get a few more feels. Maybe tomorrow morning when she was helping him on with his shirts again. His prick was throbbing when he got into bed. He grabbed a hand full of Kleenex in the hand with the cast and spit on his other hand.

He rubbed his finger up and down the under side of his prick and around the head rim. He formed a circle of his thumb and forefinger and moved it over the head of his prick so that it only touched the rim. This made the jerk off last longer and he had a longer time to build up the good feeling. It was only a short time, however, when he felt that good feeling build up. He tried to

cover the head of his prick with the Kleenex, but the cast made him fumble and he shot his cum all over the sheets.

David was mortified. How could he keep Alice from finding the cum stains on the sheets. Alex and Andrew said they had wet dreams so Alice had seen cum stains on the sheets before. Maybe she would act like she didnt notice it the way she did when his boner had pressed into her.

Even if he had caught that first load of cum it wouldn't have helped. David woke up later that night driving his prick into the sheets. He was dreaming that he was fucking Alice and he let go another load of cum. He was ashamed of thinking about his future mother that way but he didn't know what he could do about it.

The next morning started the same way. Alice knew David was copping feels as she helped him on with his shirts and made sure he got a few extra chances. It had her cunt flowing very quickly. David's prick was again in a constant state of erection. They avoided each other for most of the morning.

Alice went to make David's bed and David wished he could crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after him. When she found the damp sheets she was amused and smiled to herself, but that didn't stop the effect that it had on her cunt.

She held them up to her face and sniffed the odor of his cum. That adorable innocent little kid with his absolutely normal pubescent sex drive was going to drive her out of her ever loving mind. She rubbed the wet spot on the sheet over her cunt till she had several orgasms.

David went to the bathroom to jerk off once. He was afraid if he went too often Alice would guess what he was doing there. Alice did speculate each time she saw him go. He had diarrhea, weak kidneys, or he was just as horny as she was. She was rather certain that he had neither diarrhea nor weak kidneys.

David sat near Alice at lunch and he noticed the interesting odor again. Alice was watching for it and couldnt miss the permanent bulge in David's jeans.

Her cunt was soaking and she decided on another nap. David waited ten minutes for her to get to bed then he went the bathroom. He was pretty horny by that time and unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his prick on the way up the stairs. He dashed toward the bathroom and sanctuary. Alice's bedroom door was open.

He stopped short. His mouth fell open. Alice lay on her back. Her knees were up and she was pushing a bottle in and out of her cunt. Her head tossed from side to side and she moaned. He was already holding his prick. He started to pump. He'd heard that girls jerked off, but he wasn't sure how they did it. He didn't think that grown ladies did it. But Alice was doing something and it sure looked to him as if she was doing the same thing he was.

Alice's head turned to that side, she saw him and it was her turn to be mortified. That just pubescent cock hypnotized her. Now that David realized that he had been seen his hand stopped pumping. Alice took a quick breath.

"David, come here!"

David didn't know what else to do so walked into the bedroom like a zombie.

His conditioning was that when an adult gave an order in that tone of voice, you complied. He stood there by the head of the bed holding his prick in his hand and looking at those tits that felt so good. Alice was unfastening his jeans and letting them drop to the floor. She gently moved his hand away and pulled his jockey shorts down. She examined his prick.

Alice looked at the most beautiful prick she'd ever seen. It was smaller than most she had encountered but it was big enough. The shaft was a milky white with a delicate tracery of blue veins. The head was a deep pink and you could see the whole prick throb with his pulse beat. There was a light down of fiery red hair around it and it stood up from his crotch at a forty five degree angle.

A tiny bead of pre cum was formed on the tip. It was a cock that was made for sucking.

Alice moved to the edge of the bed and pulled his hips toward her. She held his pubescent cock between her thumb and forefinger, licked a drop of cum off from the pisshole, then sucked his cock into her mouth. David bucked his prick farther into her mouth. What was happening.

He talked with the Stadler twins about this but he wasn't sure he believed that anybody ever did it. It sure felt better than any jerk off he'd ever had. But his prick was in Ms. Stadler's mouth. That was nasty. If he didn't pull it out he was going to shoot his cum into her mouth and that would be even nastier.

He tried to pull away but Alice kept a firm grip on his hips.

"Oh! Let go Ms. Stadler. My stuff is going to go in your mouth. I don't want my stuff to go into your mouth, that would be nasty!" Right then Alice wanted David to shoot that adolescent load of cum into her mouth more than anything else in the world. She had loved sucking cock almost as much as fucking since her first boyfriend had introduced her to it.

Knowing the pleasure she was giving and the control she had over the male's body caused her to have sympathetic orgasms.

Alice bobbed her head and massaged the prick in her mouth with her tongue.

She felt David's body stiffen and his hips jerk convulsively. His virgin load of cum jetted into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. It had been a long time since she'd sucked cock, but she couldn't remembered any she enjoyed more. Her own orgasms racked her body. David's prick throbbed and grew smaller with each throb. She allowed his limp prick to slip from her mouth.

David was horrified. He'd shot his cum into the nice Ms. Stadler's mouth. It felt better than anything he'd ever experienced. This was woman who was going to be his mother. He didn't onsider that he hadn't much choice, or that Alice had done the sucking, he shouldn't have done such a nasty thing. He started to cry.

Alice was horrified herself. What had she done to this innocent young kid.

She'd raped him. She hoped she hadn't done any permanent harm. Her mother instincts took over and she pulled David down onto the bed with her.

She held him against her breast, petted him, and crooned that things weren't that bad and everything would be all right. Her breast was bare and Davids face was pressed against it. One of the problems was David's attraction to those big tits.

David's sobs subsided and his breath became more regular. The tit that he'd been grabbing feels of was bare and his face was resting on it. He rubbed his face against the firm soft skin. The nipple was right there in front of his eyes.

His prick got hard again. Alice realized this right away, it was pressed against her thigh, but David was too fascinated to notice or he would have been mortified again.

His lips sought that luscious morsel. David nursed. Alice's cunt contracted.

What the hell should she do with this beautiful, attractive young kid. Well, for one thing she was going to fuck him. She might be sorry later, but this was now and she wanted that beautiful young prick plunging in and out of her cunt. She gently pulled his face away from her tit, held it between her hands, and spoke very earnestly.

"David, I want you to listen to me."

David was still in shock but he responded.


"What just happened neither of us could help. Do you understand that?"

David was immediately brought back to realities of the situation. He was lying in bed with his future step mother sucking her tit. He had just shot a load of cum into her mouth. He knew this couldn't be right.

"I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have shot my stuff in your mouth. I

shouldn't be sucking on you ti - breast. I'm just bad."

"David, you're not bad at all. You got caught up in a natural passion and you couldn't help what you were doing. If any one at all is to blame it's me. I shouldn't have left the bedroom door open. I should have chased you away. I should not have let my own passions get you into this. I'm older and I should have had more control. I could have stopped you at any time but I didn't want to. I wanted you. I wanted to suck your cock and drink your cum. I wouldn't even let you go when you tried to pull away. If anyone is bad it's me."

"But you're a nice lady. You're not bad. It has to be me."

"David, sometimes things happen that nobody wants, and everybody thinks is bad, but nobody is at fault. They happen before you can control them. This is one of those things. I didn't want any of this to happen. I know you didn't want it to happen. If you hadn't broken your wrist it never would have happened. Fate just makes some things take place whether you want them to or not. When it does you go with the fates. You can't help yourself. This has happened. There's no way to make it unhappen. We can't do a thing about it now. Did it feel good when I sucked your cock?"

"Wow! It sure did. It was awesome. But -"

"No buts! It happened. It felt good to you. You liked the feel. I liked sucking your cock and drinking your cum. That's all there is to it. I liked it when you sucked my tit, and you can use that word. Now I want you to fuck me, and you can use that word too. I can feel your hard prick against my side and I want you to pump it in and out of my cunt."

"Gees, Ms. Stadler, would that be right?"

"No, it wouldn't, but I want it anyway and I think you want it too. I know it will feel good to you and that you'll like it. Another thing, since Ive sucked your cock and youre about to fuck me, don't you think you could call me Alice?"

"I guess I do want to - uh fuck you Ms., uh, Alice, but I've never done anything like that - uh, I've never fucked anyone. I don't know what to do."

Alice laughed and tousled his hair.

"Don't worry about it, I'll help you. Just let your instincts take over. You'll know what to do. Just get on your knees between my legs." David did as he was instructed. A thrill went through his body as Alice took hold of his prick and placed it between the lips of her cunt. When he felt the soft, slick tissue surround the head of his prick his hips flexed and, for the first time in his life, he found that his prick was buried in a woman's cunt.

As Alice had said, he needed no instruction. His hips raised and lowered themselves again. He marveled at the feel of his prick sliding in and out of the slick sheath of Alice's cunt. He felt her hips come up to meet his each time he thrust his prick as deep as he could.

The tits that fascinated him so much were right in front of his face. He lowered his mouth, latched on to a nipple and sucked. The nipple hardened just like his prick did, Alice moaned, and he felt her cunt contract around his prick. She liked to have her tit sucked. He never felt anything like it before.

He wanted it to last for ever but he couldn't last that long.

Alice was surprised at how fast she reacted to this forbidden young prick. It was small but it rubbed in all the right places. The fact that David was only twelve and a virgin heightened her sensations. Her cunt contracted in her first orgasm. David reacted to the contraction. His hips jerked and his load of cum jetted out of his prick into Alice's cunt. He collapsed breathing heavily.

Alice held him close.

"There, it wasn't so difficult was it?"

"Did I do it right?"

"You were perfect. You couldn't have been better with years of practice.

You're a marvelous little lover. I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt very good to me. Did you like it?"

"Wow! It was neat."

David lifted his head and gave her one of his grins. She pulled his head up to kiss, pulling his limp prick out of her cunt at the same time. When David felt her tongue probing at his lips he opened them and felt her tongue reach into his mouth. He was being submerged in new sensations. He never felt a kiss like that either. He pushed back with his tongue. He liked this too. When

the tongue dueling stopped Alice realized David wanted to say something but was hesitating.

"David, is there something that you want?"

"Uh, Ms. - Alice, I've never seen a girl down th - never seen a cunt. Can I look at yours?"

Alice laughed and kissed him again.

"Since you've already fucked it, I can't think of a reason for not letting you explore. Go ahead, be my guest. Playing doctor is as old as mankind."

David scooted down to the foot of the bed with his head less than a foot from Alice's cunt. Alice raised her knees and spread her legs to give him maximum access. He looked to Alice for permission then rubbed a finger along her cunt lips. They were rather sloppy with her excretions and his cum but he liked the slick feel. He pushed one then two more fingers in and pumped them in and out. He looked up at Alice and grinned. There was a funny bump up at the top. He took his fingers out of her cunt and rubbed it. It got hard.

He looked up at Alice again with his eyebrows raised.

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