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After The Rape (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

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Historie id: 1151
Udgivet: 04-12-2007
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After The Rape Del  1 2   

It had been about six months since that fateful night that my mom and brothers burst in and caught dad making love to me. During those six months Daddy never touched me again and he apologized profusely to mom but no matter what he did mom had resolved within herself that she wanted nothing to do with him again. Six months after that night mom packed her bags left, we never saw or heard from her again.

After moms departure we all had a lot of adjustments to make and it was a little hard. Dad still did hadn?t touched me at all and things were starting to get as normal as was possible but the one thing that did stand out was Daddy and his new attitude. He was different somehow but it was hard for my brothers and I to put a name to the change in him. I took over moms duties with lots of help from my brothers and the days of being scared to death that mom would report dad to the authorities were long gone.

Then one night I was in bed asleep and I woke to find my brothers standing over me both naked and very hard. As soon as my eyes opened one of my brothers said ?Be quiet Tabby or dad will be furious.? I looked at them, very surprised at seeing them in my room and was just about to tell them to get out of my room or I would tell Daddy, when Ryan grabbed my legs and spun me around so that my legs hung over the side of my bed. Before I could utter a syllable Ryan had his head buried between my legs in a feeding frenzy.

I was in immediate heaven as I felt his tongue wildly licking its way through my slit causing my pussy juices begin to flow. My other brother Bryan crawled onto the bed and straddled my chest pinning my arms at my side and had his huge dick less than an inch from my mouth guiding it to me when the door to my bedroom burst open and dad barged in. ?Get the hell out of here!? he yelled at my brothers. ?Get out of here now!? Needless to say Bryan and Ryan ran out of my room as fast as their legs could take them.

?Tabby baby are you ok?? he rushed to me as I lay there with my legs spread apart. ?Yes Daddy I?m fine.? He looked at me with concern on his face and suddenly he embraced me, holding me very tight. As he held me in his arms for a while rubbing my back in a very soothing manner it suddenly dawned on my dad that I was naked. As soon as he realized that he was holding my naked form her jumped back as if my flesh burned him but it did not escape my attention that my dad was suddenly hard as steel. He was only wearing a robe and I could see his big dick peeking out through the opening in his robe.

Without a moments hesitation I reached out and grabbed his dick and began to stroke it while looking up at him. I wanted to feel my daddy in me again it had been too long and I couldn?t take it anymore. ?No Tabitha? he said to me rather sternly but I was not listening to him and I got off of the bed and on my knees in front of him and engulfed his dick in my mouth. ?Ooooh Tabitha baby? he said ?We shouldn?t do this anymore? and he tried to pull away from me but as he began to pull his dick out of my mouth I grabbed his butt cheeks and pushed him into my face and sucked in with all of my might on his dick and his knees buckled. ?Damn!? he practically growled as he gave in and grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face.

He moved his dick in and out of my mouth with long slow strokes as he repeatedly thrust into my mouth and down my throat. ?Daddy?s dick feels so good in your mouth baby? he said to me as I watched his head go back and his entire body relax. ?Its been so long baby? Daddy moaned. ?I missed you so much.? The more Daddy talked the deeper I took him dick into my mouth until I was deep throating him. When daddy couldn?t take it anymore he pulled me to the bed and lay me in it gently. He spread my legs and looked me in the eyes as he put the head of his monster dick between the lips of my hot pussy. I wanted Daddy so badly that I was open hot and ready. ?Do you want Daddy to make it all better again Tabby?? he asked me. ?Yes Daddy? I said as I eagerly shook my head yes. ?If you really want it, then ask Daddy to make it all better? he went on. ?Daddy make it All better for me? I said. ?Say it like you mean it Tabby!? he commanded and I did just as he told me to do. ?Daddy Please make it all better? I said louder and more desperately.

At this point my little pussy was on fire and only Daddy could put it out. He looked at me with a smile just before saying ?Ryan and Bryan get in here now!? I could hear footsteps running down the hall towards my bedroom as my brothers approached. As soon as they stepped into the room I could see the shocked looks on their faces as they stood there watching Daddy grab my legs and place them on his shoulders. ?It?s time you boys learned how to properly make love to a woman? he said moments before he thrust into me. I was so horny for Daddy after having waited six months for him that I begin to orgasm instantly. My pussy began to clinch tightly on Daddy?s dick and he growled out in pleasure.

He kept his firm grip on my legs as he thrust in and out of my pussy with precision. ?Mmmm, Daddy missed this pussy? he moaned as he began to pick up the pace. ?Tell Daddy you missed his dick Tabby? he said and I obediently did just as he asked. Those words must have turned him on a lot because he began to pound into me with force like I never felt before and I could feel the white hot embers building again, my daddy was about to make me cum. I began to arch my back and grip tightly onto the sheets when suddenly Daddy stopped. ?Noooooo, Daddy please don?t stop? I begged but he refused to listen to me. I tried to lift my ass off of the bed in the hopes of getting him back inside of me but Daddy held me at bay.

?Come here Bryan? daddy called out to my older brother. ?Strip off your clothes. As soon as Bryan stepped out of the boxers he had on, I could see his dick spring out and it was hard and sticking straight up at him. From my position on the bed I had a first class view and I could see that even though Daddy was big, my brothers were already his same size in girth but longer by about two inches or so. ?Have you ever had sex before?? Daddy asked my brother. ?No sir? Bryan quickly answered him. Daddy stared at Bryan for a brief moment to see if he was indeed telling the truth. Once satisfied that he was being truthful, Daddy told him to climb on the bed. He backed away from me and released my legs and spread them open. He helped my brother into position between my legs and positioned his dick right at my opening. ?Now do what comes naturally son: he said to my brother as he patted him on the back.

I lay there shocked and stunned but still wanting dick badly and I loved my daddy so much that I would fuck whoever he told me to if that meant he would love me too. My brother Bryan lay down between my legs and brought his mouth to my breasts and began to suckle. He licked and sucked and bit on my nipples until I thought I would burst. He gently moved his dick back and forth in my slit for a while teasing me like crazy until without warning he suddenly thrust into me. ?FUCK YES!? he moaned as he got his very first taste of pussy. ?FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES? he repeated over and over and over as he thrust. Out and in and out and in he continued for about five minutes. That was as long as he could last in his first taste of pussy before he and I for that matter began to say ?I?m cumming? And just as I was about to cum for the second time that night Daddy pulled Bryan out of me.

?Daddy PLEASE, PLEASE let him fuck me some more. I need this daddy PLEASE! But Daddy ignored my pleas told Bryan, who was as disappointed as I was at not getting to orgasm, to get off of the bed and not to touch his dick. Daddy then told Ryan to climb on the bed. Ryan raced to crawl between my legs and had his dick at my opening ready to slide in but Daddy told him to wait. I thrust my hips forward desperately trying to get Ryan?s dick in me but just like Daddy he refused, until Daddy would tell him it was ok. Daddy asked Ryan the same question that he asked Bryan minutes before and Ryans answer was the same. Daddy stood right beside the bed looking intently at me as he stroked his big dick. He knew how bad I wanted to cum but he was enjoying the exquisite torture he was inflicting upon me. When Daddy said it was ok, Ryan began to suckle my breasts just like his twin did before him and again I was in ecstasy. I gripped the sheets and thrust my breasts forward in an attempt to get more of them in my brothers mouth when suddenly Ryan thrust into me. ?YESSSSSSSSS!!!!? I moaned as the intense pleasure of his dick filled me to the core.

Unable to control himself as he got his first piece of pussy, Ryan suckled and licked my breasts with wild abandon and he rammed his dick in and out of me over and over. He was a wild primitive as he fucked me like he would never get pussy again. ?Say my name? Ryan called out, ?Say it! He began to yell as he was getting close. He rammed faster and faster and began to make a primitive growling sound as he neared his orgasm and his wildness and roughness took me to higher and higher heights and just as we both began to scream out we were cumming Daddy quickly pulled him out of me. ?Daddy PLEASE!? I screamed in frustration. ?Please.? But again he ignored me. He removed Ryan fro the bed and instructed him not to touch his dick as well. He then told me to get up from my current position and get in the bed on all fours. I did as I was told desperate for that release that he would not allow me to get. He then told my brothers to both take a position either in front of or behind me. Bryan quickly went to my mouth and Ryan hurried behind me both as anxious for their release as I was for mine.

?Put your dick in her ass? Daddy said to Ryan. I looked back in time enough to see my brother place the head of his dick at the entrance to my ass and then I felt the plunge. My whole body became weak and not from pain but pleasure. The rapists had already opened my ass so when my brother rammed into me, I was hot and ready for him. He fucked my ass with the same wildness he did when he was in my pussy and I was loving every minute of it. Then Daddy told Bryan to put his dick in my mouth. Bryan did not hesitate and before I had time to catch my breath my mouth was filled with my brothers huge dick as he held my head in place so I that I could not move. I sucked him for all he was worth I was so turned on. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build to a fever pitch but my brothers who were fucking for the first time beat me to the punch as I felt my mouth and ass being filled with cum simultaneously.

?Nooooo. Nooooooo. Nooooooo? I cried out as their bodies thrust and thrust emptying their nutsacks of their hard and powerful orgasms. When the twins were spent and could no longer do anything, Daddy told them to release me, get off of the bed and watch him. He lay me back on the bed and spread my legs open again but this time there was no teasing going on. Daddy was so horny from watching his kids fuck each other that he quickly plunged deep into my pussy and began to fuck me like mad. ?Look at me!? he demanded. ?This will always be my pussy to control Tabby do you understand me? he said as thrust his deep into my womb. ?Yes Daddy, yes Daddy, yes daddy, yea daddy? I said with each thrust. ?I control when you cum and when you don?t? he said angrily, ?This is my pussy, my pussy, my pussy, my pussy.? Daddy plunged deeper and deeper into his little girl over and over and over again. I could feel my pussy begin to pulse as the orgasm was nearing with a vengeance. I had been teased and tormented and denied release for so long that as my orgasm intensified in its preparation for release, it began to hurt but in such a good way.

?Yes daddy, yes Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy? I chanted. I was so close to exploding that I was like a wild beast. I fucked my Daddy back with everything I had in me, thrust for incestuous thrust. Then Daddy looked me in the eyes and said to me ?Tabitha I want you to cum right NOW!? and with those words I could feel him shoot forth his sperm deep into my womb. ?Take Daddy?s cum baby, take it, take it? he said through strains as he shot off his babies into my womb. At the feel of that first shot Daddy unloaded into me, I lost all control and exploded in a volcanic eruption. ?DAAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYYY!!!? I was cumming so hard that I felt my own juices spew out of me. I could feel my pussy squirting my juices all over my Daddy. When he felt my liquids overflowing out of me and he realized he had made me squirt, Daddy began to cum again instantly. ?FFFUUUCCCKKKKKKKK YYYYEEESSSSSSSSS? he growled as his body twitched and jerked while he filled his baby girl with more of his seed.

Daddy and I came like that for more than five minutes and by the time we were done we were drenched in sweat. For a few minutes Daddy rested in top of me unable to move with his dick still inside of me, then out of the blue he spoke. ?We are a family and we will do everything together including have sex. What happens at home stays at home, no one is to know. We will go out of our way to please Tabby as much as she needs it. I want us to please her so well that she looses all memory of ever being touched by anyone but us. But boys? he said turning his head slightly to see the boys, you are not ever to cum in her pussy unless I say you can, do you understand me? he said giving them both stern looks to let them know he meant business. ?Her mouth and her ass is fine but Tabby?s pussy is mine.? Then dad told the boys to go to their rooms and I could feel his dick getting hard again inside of me. He looked me in my eyes and smiled down at me. ?Now that you have been thoroughly fucked, let Daddy make it up to you by making love to you? and he plunged deep into my womb again.
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